Burgman Transmission Repair Tips

step 5step 7step 7bstep 8Step 9Big scooters like Suzuki’s AN650 Burgman are complex machines that require a host of specialized tools to service. While a scooter might seem very alien and daunting at first, a good quality service manual, such as Cyclepedia’s Suzuki AN650 Burgman manual, and some patience will reveal to the technician that scooters share a great deal of mechanical parts and design features with the other commonly serviced motorcycles and ATVs.

The Suzuki Burgman is equipped with what Suzuki modestly terms the Suzuki Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (SEVCT). This is a fairly complex piece of technology that sometimes requires a teardown to inspect clearances or even simply to service wearable parts. Actually disassembling a piece of machinery like this is complicated enough, but when you can’t remove the SEVCT from the scooter, the whole service process grinds to an expensive halt. On 2005 and newer models, the SEVCT is attached to the engine with a series of bolts, including one bolt that we at Cyclepedia have termed, “the mystery bolt”. During our SEVCT removal procedure, we found that the manual we used as a guide only made mention of the mystery bolt in an exploded diagram and failed to adequately describe the function of bolt.  Because of that lack of information, our technician had to spend 30 minutes trying to figure out why the SEVCT was not detaching from the engine even after removing all of the bolts the manual had instructed to be removed.

Here are the steps we recorded for removing the SEVCT from the Suzuki Burgman engine, including finding and removing the confounding mystery bolt.

1. The engine must be removed from the Burgman. If you haven’t done this or don’t know how, it is recommended that you take a look at the Cyclepedia Suzuki Burgman AN650 manual, which can be found at www.cyclepedia.com.

2. Remove the upper bracket bolt with a 14 mm socket. Remove the lower bracket bolt with a 12 mm socket. Remove the bracket from the right side of the engine.

3. Remove the three SEVCT mounting bolts with a 14 mm socket.

4. Coat the SEVCT guide threads in grease and install them in to the bolt holes as shown.

5. Remove another set of three SEVCT mounting bolts with a 14 mm socket as shown.

6. Open the wire stay on the bottom of the SEVCT.

7. On 2005 and newer models, remove the two primary pulley shaft cover bolts with a 10 mm socket and take off the cover. It is under this cover that the mystery bolt resides.

8. Use the primary pulley shaft bolt holder tool and loosen the primary pulley shaft bolt (a.k.a. mystery bolt) with a 14 mm socket. Discard the primary pulley shaft bolt in favor of a new item. To remove this mystery bolt, you will need a special tool, namely the Primary Pulley Shaft Bolt Holder.

9. Move the SEVC transmission to the right and remove it from the engine.

10. Remove the O-ring from the CVT housing and replace it with a new item on installation.

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