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Brembo Braking Systems for MotoGP

Two types of aluminium calipers are available for the 2017 season: Light duty, designed and optimized for use with standard pads; and Heavy duty, conceived specifically for use with ‘high mass’ pads.

The 2017 international motorcycle racing season will be an important one for Brembo as 100% of the MotoGP field will race on Brembo braking components. Two types of aluminium calipers are available for the 2017 season: Light duty, designed and optimized for use with standard pads; and Heavy duty, conceived specifically for use with ‘high mass’ pads.
In addition, Brembo engineers are focused on satisfying the requirements of the different teams. The company offers constructors an extensive “customization” of their brake systems, taking into full account the specific requests of their riders.
The friction material available includes carbon discs with 320mm diameter and with larger diameter of 340mm, at high mass (35mm) and low mass (27mm), to guarantee that each track is maximized with the correct operating range in terms of temperature. Specifically, discs with 340mm diameter at low mass have a thermal behavior similar to discs with 320mm diameter at high mass but, by varying the diameter of the disc provides the possibility to generate braking torques higher than the same operating pressure.
Unique are the types of brake master cylinders to satisfy all of the teams requirements, both in terms of diameter of the piston and wheelbase in order to adapt both the race and the ‘reactivity’ of the control as a function of the feeling of rider. In addition, each motorcycle features the remote adjuster used by rider with the left hand to vary the position of the brake lever even while lapping the circuit to perfectly tune the brake system to the circuit and conditions.
Brembo will also provide wet discs, thanks to the experience deriving from the Superbike Championship. Brembo proposes steel brake rotors of different diameter and thickness, usable with the same brake master cylinder used in dry conditions. Different are the brake calipers used in wet conditions, specially designed to ensure the correct feeling for the rider, even in case of low grip. During the 2016 season, in wet conditions, some riders used the carbon discs, a solution that, thanks to the continual work in the research and development of friction materials is now possible only if the temperatures of the braking system remain within the correct operating range.
The MotoGP World Championship began March 26 at the Losail circuit in Qatar, and will continue through 18 events concluding November 12 at the Spanish Valencia circuit.
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