Brands That Shine Visits Denmark-Based SBS Brakes

Learn more about this unique brake-pad manufacturer!

Happy new year, y’all! I hope the holidays were great and busy! I’m curious how many shops were closed for the entire week in between the Christmas holiday and the New Year. While November usually kicks off the holiday buying season for most, a lot of us head over to Milan to the EICMA show to see what great products are coming available for you next year. This is usually followed by a couple of other trade shows and consumer events in Europe. We took a little bit of time to go visit one of our Shiney brands and our good friends in Denmark at the SBS Brakes factory.

Fun fact that A) yes it started snowing the moment we landed …. We are pretty sure it’s always snowing in Denmark. And B) they raised the American flag just for our visit, which was a nice touch considering how many partners from many different countries come to visit them.

We started our tour walking through how some of the compounds are made. While the “recipes” are obviously top secret and followed to a T, every component is measured/weighed exactly while the compound is being mixed into the silos. There’s no room for error when consistency of the brake pad’s performance is the goal.

Then, it’s on to the intricate detail of putting the forks into the backing plates and what sets them apart. Unlike most other brake pad manufacturers, SBS Brakes doesn’t glue its friction material to the backing plate. Instead, it uses a patented system referred to as NRS. Hooks are machined into the backing plates, then the compound is pressed on, and in the final step, everything is placed in the oven and baked/cured under pressure. This ensures an indestructible bonding between the friction material and the backing plate that will never delaminate from the carrier.

Would you believe every racing pad that SBS Brakes sells is handmade? Only eight at a time are made. The mold is filled during assembly, and — just like the other pads — after the compound has been carefully mixed and weighed, it’s time to get cured in the oven under very precisely controlled heat and pressure settings.

Did you know that SBS also offers performance rotors to accompany its pads and high-quality clutches? If it has to do with friction to stop, this company has something to fit your needs!

Obviously, there were places we just couldn’t have a camera or write about (“First rule of Fight Club is …”), but we were remarkably surprised to hear how much large-scale technology, research and environmental responsibility comes out of this perceivably little brake company in Denmark. SBS serves customers all over the world with high-quality brake products, and we’re excited to head back out on our Dealer Support Tour to share all this great info!

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