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BOSS Audio Systems Unveils New Branding Initiatives

With the launch of the new, BOSS Audio Systems announced it is taking the brand in new and exciting directions with a modern look while redefining great value, great performance and what a great customer experience should be in today’s marketplace.


With the launch of the new, BOSS Audio Systems announced it is taking the brand in new and exciting directions with a modern look while redefining great value, great performance and what a great customer experience should be in today’s marketplace. The new is now live.

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“We’ve taken the initiative to modernize our branding and product offerings across multiple markets while at the same time strengthening our already market-leading approach to customer service,” explained Sam Rabbani, CEO and founder of BOSS Audio Systems. “For more than 30 years, we have been a leader in the car and truck audio market category. And now with the immense popularity of the marine and powersports categories and with their significant short and long term potential, we are designing even more quality market-specific products that more people can enjoy at great price points. For instance, we are focusing on “Plug and Play” and easier DIY installable products with added features, all at usually half the price points of our competitors that offer products with the same feature sets.”

As audiophiles at heart, everyone at the BOSS family strives to stay agile and constantly innovate products and the consumer experience. “We are motivated to dominate today’s mobile audio aftermarket with feature rich products, powerful customer support, best in class warranties, and a strong community for audio fans and families,” Rabbani continued.

The new look within BOSS Audio’s independent market segments include being easily identifiable with its own unique logo and color scheme, as well as a straightforward branding message, while also staying true to the company’s heritage and philosophy across all platforms… from packaging, to the website, social media, dealer and consumer communications and more.


Founded in 1987 by Sam Rabbani in Los Angeles with the concept and goal of developing leading, world-class mobile audio system’s to fit within everyone’s budget, BOSS Audio has since grown to now offer more than 400 products that are sold in 130 countries, both in storefront retailers and online. Each market category under the BOSS umbrella, including car/truck 12 Volt, marine, and powersports and BOSS’ Elite product offerings, now has a new, streamlined and modernized look and feel to each of their marketing components as well as the products themselves.

For individuals and families looking to upgrade their in-vehicle audio and connectivity options and performance, no matter if it’s in a car, truck, motorcycle, SXS or boat, BOSS Audio Systems offers the market’s most varieties of affordable and feature-rich audio and mobile solutions coupled with acclaimed customer support and a dealer network that has the same goals and objectives as BOSS Audio: customers first.

“Now, the new allows consumers an even easier way to both research as well as purchase the ideal audio/video products for their ride, no matter if on the road, lake, trail or beach,” said Xin Hamilton, BOSS Audio VP of Marketing. “In redefining what the ideal mobile audio can be, we are enhancing consumers’ personal experiences as well as how modern consumers see their options. In the end, we are continuously pushing ourselves to create a seamless pre-purchase, installation and after-purchase experience.”


Additions and features of the new include:

  • Easier navigation
  • More visually appealing and increased product content
  • More product and market educational copy and imagery
  • Robust customer portal for product registration, ticket, and support
  • Independent BOSS Inside Program – a community space for BOSS Audio fans and support to engage with one another on installation ideas, tips, and tricks.

“BOSS has and always will create a technology-focused, customer-driven experience that is within everyone’s reach,” Rabbani concluded. “Our in-house acoustic, design, mechanical, and electronics engineers combined with the vast resources of our global manufacturing partners work as a team to infuse our products with state-of-the-art features that make every listening experience more enjoyable.”

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