Bitchin Inc. Founder Named 1st Artist in Klock Werks Artist Series Apparel Line

Klock Werks recently announced Butch Hartman, founder of Bitchin Inc., as the first artist in their new Artist Series Apparel Line.

Klock Werks recently announced Butch Hartman, founder of Bitchin Inc., as the first artist in their new Artist Series Apparel Line.

Brian Klock, president and visionary for Klock Werks, and his team have been secretly working for months on an idea for an apparel line that celebrates motorcycling through art, and is excited to finally introduce Butch Hartman as the first artist in the new series.

 “Butch is someone we thought of right away, and we are proud of how he captured the essence and power of the World’s Fastest Bagger (WFB) into such an interesting and stylish piece of art,” he said. “I am forever grateful and humbled by the journey that the 2006 Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off and the WFB—the bike we built for the show—took this company on. It’s the Original Performance Baggerbefore anyone knew there was such a thing. We just built something that made sense to us and thought would be fun to ride.”

Hartman said it didn’t take long to decide once he got the call from Brian and the team at Klock Werks.

“I couldn’t say yes fast enough when Brian approached me about the Artist Series,” he said. “Before I entered the industry, I watched all the hot rod and chopper shows that were making their way onto television. More importantly, I remember the Biker Build-Off and Brian Klock’s Performance Bagger.”

Hartman added how amazing it is for him personally, 12 years later, to be immortalizing the WFB for the company that built it and changed the game on how people would eventually look at touring motorcycles. 

“It was the first performance, go-fast bagger in the industry—before go-fast baggers were even a footnote in the touring discussion,” he said. “Now look at the current trend: we are seeing more and more performance baggers every day.”

Link: Klock Werks

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