Bel-Ray Bike Wash and Silicone Detailer & Protectant Spray

 Total performance lubricant manufacturer, Bel-Ray, announced the availability of two new cleaning products for powersports and marine applications, Bike Wash and Silicone Detailer & Protectant Spray.
Bel-Ray Bike Wash is an advanced, biodegradable micro-emulsion cleaner that is specially formulated for motorcycle racers and enthusiasts alike. Engineered to provide a deep clean, Bike Wash softens and lifts dirt and grime accumulated from street, track and trail riding without the need for brushing or scrubbing in most cases.
130799BelRaySil_00000079157Bike Wash is formulated to safely clean nearly any finish or surface of a motorcycle including, painted surfaces, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, chrome, aluminum and alloy wheels. Before applying Bike Wash, ensure the bike is no longer hot and rinse it with water. Apply Bike Wash by liberally spraying the bike and allowing it to soak in for several minutes. Then, thoroughly rinse the bike with clean water and allow it to dry for a clean, residue-free finish.
In addition to motorcycles, Bel-Ray’s Bike Wash can be used to clean any number of other applications, including ATVs, outboard marine motors, bicycles, lawn mowers and lawn and garden equipment.
Bel-Ray Bike Wash is available as a 32-oz. spray bottle and can be purchased through authorized powersports dealers worldwide. To find the nearest Bel-Ray dealer, please consult Bel-Ray’s online dealer locator.

The Silicone Detailer & Protectant Spray restores and safe-guards a variety of surfaces common to marine and powersports applications including, plastic, vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, metal, chrome, glass and painted surfaces. The silicone spray is water-resistant and resists attraction to dust and dirt, helping achieve a long lasting, factory-finish look, as well as minimizing future clean-up.

For more information: www.belray.com

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