Beat the Cold with Wind Therapy and EagleRider

When you’re feeling stagnant, "wind therapy" is a fun exercise to get you out of that funk and break your routine.

Riding motorcycles can be a life-changing experience that can bring excitement, adventure, solace, freedom and a great community of life-long friends. After all, what’s more freeing than the sense of fresh air against your face as you explore exotic new landscapes?

With a new year comes new opportunities to seize the day and add joy into your life. For those who have resolved to have more adventure in 2023, EagleRider makes it easy to see the world on the back of a motorcycle. Club EagleRider members can redeem rental credits in markets across the U.S. and abroad, so there’s no risk of repetition or boredom even when you’re traveling the countryside on the two wheels of a brand-new Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, BMW or numerous other models that are ready and waiting to be enjoyed from EagleRider’s 150-plus global locations.

If you’re in Canada — or really any part of the world where your bike spends the winter tucked away in your garage — now is the best time to trade in sub-zero temperatures and indoor living for the warm “wind therapy” of the Southwestern U.S., Florida, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, India or other comfortable climates where EagleRider has locations. It’s an inspiring experience you’ll likely never forget and one that can recharge your soul for months at a time.

Even better, consider a motorcycle get-away with the one you love. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and a beautiful open-air ride down the legendary Pacific Coast Highway, Joshua Tree National Park or iconic Las Vegas Strip could be just what the doctor (or couples therapist) ordered.

What is Wind Therapy? When you’re feeling stagnant, “wind therapy” is a fun exercise to get you out of that funk and break your routine by trading in your smartphone for a real-life experience onboard a powerful, yet safe, motorcycle. Sometimes, the wind in your hair and sun on your back are all you need to kick the winter doldrums and recharge your biological engine. 

In addition to feelings of bike bliss, there are also physical benefits that accompany riding a motorcycle that are often overlooked. Below are a few benefits.

  • Brain power: Riding a motorcycle is said to enhance brain power, as it takes coordination and quick decision-making. Motorcycle tours can be led by professional tour guides, but a self-guided excursion activates that explorative part of the brain that often hibernates this time of year.
  • Happiness: Whether your goal is to get from point A to point B or see the country and world, motorcycle riders enjoy a surge in serotonin from escaping to the open road. There is an inherent freedom in enjoying the open road. EagleRider makes it possible to discover the world while crossing off your biggest bucket-list items.
  • Physical fitness: Core power, stability, increased heart rate, more calories burned and stronger legs are a few of the physical benefits that can result from this type of high adventure.

With Club EagleRider, rentals are now available across six continents. EagleRider is working with overseas franchise and affiliate partners to give loyal club members the same incredible value and experience overseas that they have enjoyed at the long-standing U.S. and Canadian locations. Pure adventure has never been easier to attain for young thrill-seekers looking to travel or experienced riders who want to check items off their bucket lists.

Starting in January, Club EagleRider will accept credits in Athens, Barcelona, Casablanca, Marrakesh, New Delhi, Mexico City, Milan and Rome, along with many other locations across Europe, Asia and Africa. Additionally, Americans and Canadians are being offered a 20% discount on credit redemptions and non-credit rentals at some of EagleRider’s most popular international locations. 

Club EagleRider members also can look forward to the continued use of their Club EagleRider rental credits at more locations in the U.S. in the coming weeks and months. Club members can expect to enjoy the same savings (more than 50% off compared to a standard rental), VIP treatment and great service.

For more info about EagleRider: https://www.eaglerider.com.

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