Sales and Finance: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Most of the time, there is at least a little friction between sales and finance. Having been on both sides of this relationship, I understand that neither side is in the right or wrong. Sales and finance share the responsibility of getting as many bikes, ATVs, side-by-sides and other products as they can out the

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

Staying on top of legal requirements is an almost impossible task.

Five Keys to Finding Your Next Big Lender

Since the 2008 banking crisis, national lenders have changed and tightened their criteria for lending, which has left many dealers and customers in the lurch. One solution for dealing with this is to circumvent the big banks and establish relationships with local lenders. Community banks have a different business model than national banks, which engaged

Selling Between the Lines

Before reading on, stop and ask yourself, “What do I sell?” When I ask this question to a group of finance managers or other dealership staff members, I get a variety of answers.    “We sell motorcycles,” I hear. Or, “I sell financing,” or, “I sell warranties and insurance.” These are all correct on the surface

Managing ‘Right-Brained’ People with ‘Left-Brained’ Tasks

Why is it that at every dealership I visit and every workshop I host I hear the same types of complaints: “My salespeople won’t …” Or, “I have to check behind my salespeople because they can’t …” Or, “My salespeople forget to …” Or some other variation along this line?   Yet, when you fly,

Evidence: An Objection’s Worst Enemy

Chances are, your customers will object to some aspect of what you are selling. When you attempt to overcome your customer’s objection, as you know, you want to make sure you find the real objection before you start. After you identify this objection, you need to figure out what evidence you can use to convince

Lap Times and PVS Are Not That Different

When a MotoGP rider is working to turn his fastest lap, he focuses on carrying more speed in the slow corners than he does trying to increase his top speed.

Separating the Best From the Rest

At the end of every year, I like to look back and see what went well for our dealers and what didn’t go so well. This year, I noticed a definite trend in the F&I PVS (Per Vehicle Sold). Most dealers’ numbers were, on average, flat or a little bit up. When I separated the

The Two Most Misunderstood Legal Regulations

Studying up on these two items can help you avoid the pitfalls that come with not following the law.

Three Keys To Persuasion

Knowing and understanding how you can use three different communication styles during your sales presentation will make you even more successful.

Six Simple Things That Are Worth Money In Your Pocket

Keeping in mind that F&I is a sales job, your customer is ultimately your most valuable asset. Here are six small things you can do to close more deals.

Five Reasons Why Top-Performing Finance Managers Are So Successful

Here are the five things that the most successful finance managers do to create long-term, profitable relationships that allow them to get more out of what they have.