Industry Vet Launches Personal Watercraft Content Site, E-Commerce Storefront

The Watercraft Journal, launched by Kevin Shaw, offers news, reviews and interviews. The site will also serve as the blog to online storefront Watercraft Outfitters.

Yamaha Reveals Familiar Line For 2012

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Yamaha’s personal watercraft sales figures certainly indicate it ain’t broke, so the fact that the brand returns almost its identical line to 2012 should come as little surprise.

What Dealers Should Know About PWC and Ethanol

For years now, PWC enthusiasts have been hearing the horror stories about ethanol. Added to our fuel, it attacks rubber and plastic components, corrodes metal, acts like a solvent to loosen up years of gunk in fuel tanks, even adds enough oxygen to the mix to make engines run hotter. Ethanol also attracts water. Get