Kawasaki Unveils More Powerful, More Feature-Rich Ultras

While rumors of the brand’s departure from the market were indeed off the mark, so too were the hints of something radically new for 2014. Instead, Kawasaki chose to once again build on its proven strengths, bringing back both the existing STX-15F and Ultra LX, and tweaking the rest of the Ultra line both in terms of horsepower and amenities.

New, More Powerful Engine Anchors Yamaha’s 2014 PWC Lineup

Yamaha has put the focus back on performance for 2014 by unveiling a lineup in early August that promises to feature more power in multiple categories.

High-Profile Accidents Seen As Call For Renewed Focus On Safety

Several recent high-profile media reports are serving as a reminder that PWC dealers need to be increasingly proactive when it comes to stressing rider safety. Following years of negative publicity surrounding issues such as the loss of steering control without thrust or manufacturer’s escalating horsepower wars, recent times have seen a more positive flow of