Dealing with Multi-Generational Dealership Employees

Understanding generational gaps and differences is part of working on the business. How are you dealing with it?

Have You Added One Brand Too Many?

Think twice or even three times about adding additional brands to an already successful dealership.

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Multiple Shops or Just One?

My advice? Stick to one.

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Join a Twenty Group: Your Dealership Won’t Be Successful in a Vacuum

There are lots of great ideas out in our industry, but many shop owners don’t look to other dealerships for advice. That needs to change.

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Stop Asking Questions Customers Can Say No To

“No” is a defense mechanism for customers. Help them feel more at ease with salespeople.

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The Right Way to Get Referrals

Of course you want current customers to give your dealership additional referrals, but there’s a right and wrong way to get them.

Does a Perfect Touring Bike Exist?

There is a huge hole in the touring market that no one has filled for many years. Am I alone in my thinking?

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Are You Ready for the Cycle of Change?

Things in the powersports market are going really well, but what happens when conditions change? Will your dealership be ready for the adjustment?

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The Mitchell Technique Sales Challenge

Here is the challenge I put to all of you out there selling: Get to know the customer.

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The Influencer Conundrum

Show me you’re an influencer — don’t tell me.

Are You Leaving PDI or DOC Profit on the Table?

In the last several years, we have not lowered the charges once. Believe it or don’t.

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Selling Mutts: How to Market Used Motorcycles

If a bike has been in stock “too long,” either you haven’t found the right buyer, or your salespeople are ignoring it.

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