Help Wanted!

John urges dealers to update and upgrade their websites.

Scooters & Trikes

Although they both appeared a half century ago, two old products are new concepts again.


Is Harley-Davidson’s bloom fading? Are consumers deciding to wait? Are there simply too many choices?

Dealing With The “Verts”

How to identify which personality type you’re dealing with – introvert or extrovert – and change your sales method accordingly.

Relative Vs. Absolute

Maybe running a successful dealership really is rocket science?

A Return To The Golden Age

Scooters are once again a growing segment of the powersports market.

V-Twin Expo Preview

A seminar for the small independent dealer: How To Compete With The Big Boys … And Win.

The Consolidators

Knowing how things work is not the same as making them work.

Big Boxes and Mass Merchandisers

The affects of the big box chain stores selling ATVs, minibikes and dirtbikes.

Red Flag!

If your dealership is considering taking on a line of Chinese powersports products take care!