Shop Talk: Superstar?

Some of you may have a “superstar” selling for you. But, are they really? Can they perform month after month? Most importantly, a quality of world class athletes, do they make the team better by being part of it?

Shop Talk: You Say You Want a Resolution

How do you keep your dealership on track for the year you want to have, even though none of us can really predict what kind of year is ahead?

Shop Talk: Outside Expert vs. Do It Yourself

Budgeting for an outside training program is a lot more than figuring out if you can pay the bill. Just like purchasing a lift for service or a remodel for the dealership, you have to be able to figure the long-term costs/savings/benefits to the entire transaction.

Shop Talk: Time for Dealers to Go Postal?

By adding “car guy” type process, many dealerships can be turned toward a massive profit increase very quickly.

Shop Talk: Average Is Expensive

The average expectation from dealers has been steadily decreasing. While I can’t put my finger on specific reasons, I have some theories and ultimately, some concerns for the future.

Shop Talk: Let’s Review

While speed and accuracy can certainly improve performance, it can also lead to missing opportunities.

Shop Talk: Dead Wood Doesn’t Burn

What about your staff? Are they dried wood or dead wood? Are they tempered for the task and able to burn hot for a long period of time or have they decided to serve the rest of their time living in their former glory?

Shop Talk: As Loyal as a Puppy

While I don’t know the difference between HTML and hamburger, I can tell you that there is software on the market that is less expensive than what you’re using now.

Shop Talk: If The Sky Is Falling – Stock More Helmets and Fewer Convertibles

As you look around your operation, what can you do that’s either innovative or more cost effective?