The Seven Deadly Sins of Finance & Insurance

You may not be doomed eternally, but your paycheck might be if you commit these errors.

F&I Ain’t Rocket Science

Real rocket science makes our jobs in the F&I office seem really simple. What we do is definitely not rocket science, but the more I think about it, maybe the process is similar to building a rocket.

Increase Your F&I RBI — Keep Swinging For Success

When you ask a top-shelf F&I manager how many swings they take when trying to sell an extended service contract, they will usually respond, “As many as it takes.” Ask a mediocre player, and they’ll usually say two or three. How many swings do you take? This is not baseball. The only way to strike out is to stop trying! There are at least five basic swings available to an F&I Manager when selling an extended service contract to a customer. Let’s take a look at these five key plays.

The Masters, Birdies and F&I

As I write this article, I’m participating in what most golfers would consider the opportunity of a lifetime. I am playing in The Masters. It was a beautiful, sunny day today. The wind was light, and I was decked out in the latest golf fashions with Ping as my sponsor. I had the best gear

Sci-F&I Part 3: Practical Applications

In last month’s article, we discussed some of the facts regarding the S-style (steady) personality, which represents 69 percent of the population. Consider that number for a minute. That’s more than two out of every three of your customers who sits down at your desk to buy a vehicle! Let’s spend some more time discussing

The Secret to Priority Maintenance

Sell It to Service, Service Will Sell It

The F&I Interview: An Important but Often-Overlooked Sales Step

The F&I interview allows the F&I manager to apply the greet and discovery tools to prepare the F&I menu presentation for the customer and get ready to sell them a product.

Selling Insurance at Your Motorcycle Dealership

Take on the ‘I’ in F&I: Don’t Leave Insurance Dollars on the Ground

Implement a Successful Vehicle Maintenance Program

All our lives, we have been told, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it that is most important.” That statement may be true in most situations, but when it comes to vehicle maintenance programs, what you say and the way you say it are important.