Time to Wind Up or Down?

Run these 5 reports keep your service department rolling in slow and busy times

Becoming a Problem Solver

Becoming a Problem Solver What kind of reputation is your business establishing?

Mid-Summer Sizzle

How is your dealership cooking up more business?

How Much Does Price Really Matter?

Creating Customer Experience in the Service Department

Work Hard And Win: Part Two

How To Increase Your Parts-To-Labor Ratio

Work Hard And Win

C.R. Gittere and the Service Manager Pro team teach dealers how to increase your repair orders and watch profits soar.

Speed Up Your Techs, Spend Money In The Service Department

The more you speed up your highest cost employees, the more revenue they can generate and therefore more profit.

Manage Your Dealership’s Workflow

Keeping your ROs organized and your schedule up to date will help keep your customers happy and your employees working efficiently.

Secondary Season Service Sales Strategies

The prime selling season has passed, but that doesn’t mean your attention to great service should expire, too.

F&I in the Service Department?

If your customers are disheartened with their repair bills, consider looking into short-term financing as an option to retain business.

Summer Service Sales Strategies

Incentives, promotions and other methods to make your shop a summer destination for customers.

The Strongest Pillar in Your Dealership: Service and Repair

Last week, I was working on a project for Experian Automotive. They provided me with a list of vehicles in operation based on registration data from the states. This file allowed me to look at all the individual, state-registered powersports vehicles in the U.S. and what counties they are registered in. Most of the vehicles