2023 Motorcycle Trends Part 2: EVs and Emerging Technology

These trends are growing — no doubt about it.

electric motorcycle, charging, EV, EVs, electric vehicle
2023 Motorcycle Trends Part 1: New Bikes and Redesigned Classics

Plus some predictions about which models manufacturers will be developing more of.

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Gift Ideas for Riders

Help your customers find the right gifts this season.

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Safety Systems in Modern Motorcycles

Racing has paved the way for new rider aids in consumer bikes.

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The Resurgence of Retro Styling

Many bikes today pull at consumers’ nostalgic heartstrings — but offer all kinds of modern tech.

Yamaha XSR900
Be a Leader, Not a Boss in Your Service Department

A real leader will exhibit strengths in three areas: transparency, trust and respect.

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4 Customer Pain Points: When Is It Time to Upgrade?

If customers are suffering from one of these issues, help them reach the next level of riding.

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How to Sell Gear to Seasoned Riders

Unlike with new riders, price probably isn’t the object.

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How to Sell Gear to New Riders

Put yourself in the customer’s mindset and ask some questions.

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Sharpen Your Riding Skills Part 1: Trust the Machine

Share these tips with new riders.

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Pre-Season Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

After sitting all winter, bikes need an inspection before hitting the road.

motorcycle maintenance
Pre-Season Riding Gear Checklist

Depending on the condition of your gear, it could be time to replace it..

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