Automotive Tappets: Too Good To Be True?

It was probably a result of guys who work on cars and bikes noticing that Chevy tappets look just like what they took out of their Harley-Davidson engine. There’s nothing like a little solid research to put the kibosh on something that sounds like a brilliant plan.

Let’s Talk Torque!

What the average Joe (or Josette) needs is torque. Unfortunately, an awful lot of advertising pushes high rpm horsepower. A big number is impressive, but is it the right number?

What Kind of Engine Oil Should I Use? Tech Line Questions Answered

Whenever we get that question on the S&S tech line, we know we’re in for a long conversation.

Killing It With Kindness

When you were learning to drive, your dad probably told you not to rev the snot out of his car. OK, his car – his rules.