Arrow 2014 Honda CBR1000RR Fitments

New fitments from Arrow exhaust are now available from SpeedMob, Inc. for the 2014 Honda CBR1000RR. This new fitment offers four distinct looks using the Arrow "X-Kone," "GP2," "Indy Race" and "Competition" design silencers.

(arrow x-kone nichrome silencer with carbon fiber end-cap on 2014 honda cbr1000rr)New fitments from Arrow exhaust are now available from SpeedMob, Inc. for the 2014 Honda CBR1000RR. This new fitment offers four distinct looks using the Arrow “X-Kone”, “GP2”, “Indy Race” and “Competition” design silencers. Arrow exhaust brand is now being distributed to the US and Canada through SpeedMob, Inc. – a premium brand distributor headed by former LeoVince USA President, Tim Calhoun.
One of Arrow’s newest exhaust designs, the X-Kone was originally developed as a "competition full Titanium” full systems for racing and track day use only. These are now being made available for an expanding range of motorcycle fitments. Depending on the application, X-Kone silencers can either be fitted to original exhaust pipes with a link pipe (as a slip-on) while on others it must be used in conjunction with a stainless steel collector (header). The average weight of an X-Kone silencer is around 2.2 kg (or 4.85 lb), which usually offers a 30%-40% reduction in weight compared to stock silencers. Because this design forms a full race system (headers and silencer), the power and torque output is noticeably improved. More importantly, fitting an X-Kone system does not require riders to change the ECU settings nor add an ECU module; however, a check on CO levels after installation is recommended. The silencers internal construction is Stainless Steel, allowing reduced weight and a relatively small design with exceptional noise reduction via absorption. For the 2014 Honda CBR1000RR, X-Kone silencers sleeves are offered in NiChrome (stainless steel alloy) with a satin finish and the end-caps are made of Carbon Fiber. A removable baffle (dB killer) is also available for optimal sound control.
(Arrow GP2 Full Titanium silencer on 2014 Honda CBR1000RR)GP2
The GP2 exhausts were derived directly from Arrows Moto2 World Championship exhaust designs. These were brought to market with the goal of satisfying the needs of those motorcyclists wanting to fit their sportbikes with a minimalist race inspired design. GP2 exhausts are currently only available as slip-ons (silencer and mid-pipe). They are completely constructed of Titanium for maximum weight reduction with a simple round silencer design and a slash-cut end pipe creating impressive power increases and a race inspired sound. Other features include a Titanium support clamp and a specially designed GP2 Arrow logo. Even though the GP2 exhausts are race inspired, the design allows a dB killer to be installed if wanted; this piece is specially designed for these silencers and sold separately.
Indy Race
Arrow Indy Race exhaust was developed out of pure necessity; some bike designs only allow room for the slim-fit Indy-shape silencer style. The shape of this silencer body resembles many of the famous US “oval” racetracks (hence the name). It is notably more compact than the standard exhausts, but still offers enough internal volume for acceptable noise level control. The silencers internal construction is Stainless Steel, with TIG and MIG welding. For the 2014 HondaCBR1000RR, the Indy Race exhaust is available in Titanium, Aluminium. "Dark" Aluminum and Carbon Fiber sleeve options. A removable baffle (dB killer) is also available for optimal sound control.
Competition exhausts are specifically designed for race and track-day tuned motorcycle use. They are designed for maximum flow, minimal weight and differ greatly from standard Arrow exhausts. They typically feature increased tubing and baffle diameters to maximum flow at each of the various bifurcations and junctions. Every feature has been designed to ensure race performance and maximum power when the exhaust is fitted to a race tuned engine. Competition exhausts represent the top level of Arrow engineered product lines. These systems are directly based on the exhausts our technicians in the R&D department have developed and continue to evolve with the major teams and racers in worldwide race series. These masterpieces are made using premium materials and top technologies developed through racing. Entirely welded via TIG process, the Competition exhausts are available in ‘Full Titanium’ version (completely constructed from Titanium Alloy) or optionally with Titanium silencer and link pipe fitted to Stainless Steel headers. Both exhausts have built-in O2 bungs to fit oxygen sensors so the ECU settings can easily be checked and modified to fit the track and weather conditions. This silencer design is distinctly Arrow and also ensures top performance while keeping the noise levels within the requirements and racing regulations. Due to racetrack noise restrictions and checks done on tracks throughout Europe and the US, a version of the same silencer is also available with a removable dB-killer for optimal noise control.

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