Apparel Pro: Women’s Jackets

Balancing fashion, comfort and safety.

Who says you can’t look good while riding? As a dealer, this is a key mindset to have when it comes to ordering women’s apparel and selling it — especially for jackets, since they get some of the most visibility on the body.

Most women know that balancing comfort and fashion is a difficult game, and many sacrifice one for the other, depending on preference or the situation at hand. Luckily, the same doesn’t have to be said for riding jackets.

The first aspect of both fashion and comfort: finding the right fit. Man or woman, it’s downright uncomfortable when you’re riding and the wind slips up your sleeves and back, puffing out your jacket and whipping it against you. The solution to this problem is to have a jacket with an adjustable waist and sleeves to customize the fit. For women, the waist is particularly important, given how theirs are shaped differently from men’s. While women’s jackets do take this different cut into account, as with any apparel, being able to tailor the fit to the rider’s form will not only make riding more comfortable but also up the level of fashion by creating a sleek and trim silhouette instead of a straight and stocky one.

Speaking of comfort, when riding on a hot day, it feels like the last thing you want to wear is yet another layer to trap heat and make you sweat; however, if your customers voice this complaint, be sure to reinforce the idea that they shouldn’t give up the protection jackets provide. Given how they sport overall lightweight armor as well as added protection for the vulnerable shoulders, elbows and spine, jackets can reduce injuries in the event of an accident.

Ladies Majestic Jacket
The Ladies Majestic Jacket from Joe Rocket offers sleek, modern styling along with new, lightweight CE armor with full ventilation in a honeycomb design along the shoulders and elbows.

Luckily, there are different jackets for all types of weather and riding positions, and mentioning this can provide an upsell opportunity. After all, riders should stock all types in order to stay comfortable on any given day. In the summertime, for instance, mesh jackets provide full ventilation throughout the body. For rainy days or ones with more chill in the wind, waterproof textile jackets (which also come with ventilation, though less than the mesh ones) are perfect for blocking the elements. For either of these synthetic options, offering jackets with zipper attachments for riding pants provides even more comfort and protection, as they keep the jacket from flapping around the waist and prevent it from riding up in case of a fall. Finally, for cold-weather riding, a classic leather jacket with removeable liners is ideal (some of which are wind- or weather-proof). If customers prefer the leather look in general, there are also options with zipper vents or perforation to wear during warmer weather. However, while leather still provides excellent abrasion resistance, make sure the jacket also offers pockets for armor on the shoulders, elbows and spine for added safety.

Now, we can’t talk ladies’ fashion without mentioning something critical: pockets. If you’ve ever bought a dress, skirt or dress pants, you’ve probably lamented the fact that you no longer have a place to stash your small items (unless you’ve found one of the few dresses with pockets or dress pants that don’t sport those disappointing fake pockets). And if you haven’t, well … just understand that the struggle is real. Pockets on jackets are especially great for stashing gloves and keys, so give the ladies a boon and be sure to stock jackets with pockets.

Finally, let’s talk color. If you think color only has to do with fashion preference, you would be wrong — there’s a safety element to it as well. As fashionable as an all-black or -gray jacket can be, having jackets with reflective stripes along the sleeves, front and/or back helps with visibility. Now, a primary complaint riders have is that they look like walking hazard signs in highlighter yellow jackets. Mercifully, women’s jackets come in a variety of color options, from hot pink to bright teal to silver, so there’s bound to be an option for every rider.

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