Apparel Pro: Snow Apparel

Your customers might prefer one-piece suits for snowmobiling; everything stays in place and there’s no extra material flopping around in the wind.

You might be asking yourself, why is she talking about snow when it is clearly still summer for a few more weeks? I asked myself the same question when I walked into a local candle store and was hit with the fall and winter scents of pumpkin spice and peppermint. Feeling disoriented, I checked the weather forecast and realized that you can never be too prepared when it comes to winter.

Winter is one of those seasons where variety is key. Customers may be into bibs or pants, one or two piece suits, mittens or gloves; the list goes on. The good thing is that the 2019 snow apparel lines have something for everyone.

Becoming more popular on the market are heated gloves. Several options are available that have a rechargeable battery or can connect to the battery of any motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile. A micro-wire system travels through the material of the glove, similar to a heated blanket, to create the heating element. These gloves are a bit stiffer than traditional gloves due to the wiring system, but if you’re facing multiple months of negative temperatures, heated gloves are a must have.

In the age of cell phones practically being glued to the user’s hands, offering gloves that are touch screen compatible is an easy choice. The last thing someone wants to do is take off their gloves while it is snowing out, just to answer a call or tap “start” on their GPS.

Speaking of cell phones, both jackets and pants have adapted to the technology and made insulated phone pockets, big enough to fit the newer, larger cellphones and sometimes tablets, eliminating the low battery/power down warning when it gets too cold.

Your customers might prefer one-piece suits for snowmobiling; everything stays in place and there’s no extra material flopping around in the wind. The plus about one-piece suits is that the wearer doesn’t have to worry about snow entering beneath the suit; no one wants soggy clothes.

For those customers who prefer a jacket and pants to a suit, it is great to have those options on hand in sizes for both men and women.

Jackets and pants are available with 3-in-1 technology, with removable liners that are always improving so it is easy to take off a layer or put one on when the weather dictates. Most secure with a zipper or a button closure and jackets have the option to detach hoods if it interferes with a helmet or the wearer’s comfort. Thermo layers in both jackets and pants have also adapted to the varying weather forecasts, offering zippered ventilation for added climate control.

One aspect of pants that I’m always looking for are snow gaiters. Earlier, I mentioned my distaste for soggy clothes; gaiters are the solution to having cold, wet feet because snow somehow got through your pants and boots and onto your socks.

New to several pants this year are removable straps to get the feeling of a bib, without the extra material, along with pre-curved and padded knee panels and new colors instead of the traditional, solid black.

Before stocking your shelves for the season, make sure you browse the new 2019 collections so you have a variety of apparel items to offer your customers before the snow hits. t

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