Apparel Pro: Selling Riding Jackets

When stocking your shelves, look for jackets that can do it all in a variety of different materials, from leather to textile, in multiple styles like cruiser, sport, racing and adventure.

The best part about motorcycles is the freedom that they give riders. When riding on the open road, the last thing a rider wants is to feel restricted. The best way to promote the sense of freedom that comes with riding is to sell the correct gear.

When stocking your shelves, look for jackets that can do it all in a variety of different materials, from leather to textile, in multiple styles like cruiser, sport, racing and adventure. Customers will appreciate the variety and the option to choose what best fits their needs.

When looking at your inventory, consider the weather. Weather can change dramatically, depending on time of day or geographic location. If a rider wakes up early to ride and is faced with impending afternoon humidity or blazing heat, look to stock jackets that are made of lightweight materials like mesh in the arms, back and chest areas.

If a rider is looking to do multi-climate adventure riding, look to stock items that have removable shells, so the rider is comfortable with varying wind conditions.

Always look for jackets that are waterproof. Although the forecast calls for sun, an unexpected storm may hinder a rider if they are not prepared. The great thing about waterproof material is that it is typically lightweight and allows for ease of movement.

Venting is essential in motorcycle clothing and having the option to zip or unzip a vent depending on weather or temperature gives the rider more freedom to choose how they want their clothing to adapt.

Armor in clothing is an important aspect to riding, just as much as a helmet is to the rider. Look for clothing with armor that is CE rated, to guarantee protection.

Some riders want fully armored jackets, while others prefer to choose where they add protection. A lot of jackets on the market allow the rider to not only choose what types of armor to place in the jacket, but where to place it as well.

Don’t forget to stock items that help keep leathers and textiles in top shape like waterproofing conditioners and cleaners to make sure that the clothing lasts as long as the rider intends.

Many customers like to match their riding gear to the color of their bike, while others like to mix and match. Keep your customers safe by stocking reflective material and bright, hi-viz colors to attract the attention of other motorists.

Most importantly, stock items that you feel comfortable wearing out on the road. Plus, when you can personally recommend items to a customer based on your use and experience with the clothing, it highly improves the likelihood of securing a sale.

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