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Apparel Pro: Mesh Jackets

I recently spoke with a friend who is new to riding and added hundreds of miles on their motorcycle for the first time this summer. Being in the Midwest, our motorcycle riding season is shorter than most, usually 4-5 months out of the year due to inclement weather. In short, the summers are hot and the winters are cold, so making the most of the season is the goal.

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The Problem

My friend currently owns a leather jacket but complains of overheating in the summer months. They are looking to upgrade their gear and wanted an option that would be long lasting for many seasons, but also wanted protection similar to their current jacket.

The Solution

For many years, riders only had the option of leather or textile in their jackets, but with new materials being invented and tested every day, riders now have additional choices.


When it comes to riding in the summer heat, the best option for both protection and comfort is a mesh jacket.

Compared to leather jackets, mesh is significantly more breathable and allows better airflow through the jacket to keep the rider cool. Mesh is lightweight and weatherproof, making it the perfect choice for a sunny day or unexpected rainstorm.

Opposite of many leather jackets but similar to textile, mesh jackets offer a lot of pockets and storage options for riders, with pockets being large enough to fit newer model phones and placed in areas secured to the body when the jacket is properly zipped that won’t cause distraction while on the road.


Is Mesh Safe?

The simple answer is yes. Though they don’t have the same abrasion resistance as leather, mesh jackets, like any motorcycle jacket, have pockets for C.E.-approved armor to be placed in the spine, shoulders and elbows. These jackets are often reinforced in the rib area for extra protection where armor cannot be easily inserted. Placing armor in these jackets will add a little weight to the overall piece, but when compared to fully armored leather, the choice is obvious which one is lighter.

If you’re looking for an apparel upgrade for the summer riding months, look no further than mesh to keep you cool and protected.

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