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Apparel Pro: Gloves

Technology has advanced ergonomics so gloves feel as comfortable as your skin, making movement as natural and as unrestricted as possible.


I’d take a gamble and say that your hands are probably the most important part of your body when it comes to riding powersports vehicles. From the clutch, to the brake, throttle, lights and signals, your hands control it all. As the first line of defense, there should be no second best when it comes to protecting your two most valuable assets.

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To be able to comfortably reach all of the items on a handlebar without losing the sensation of touch, technology has advanced ergonomics so gloves feel as comfortable as your skin, making movement as natural and as unrestricted as possible.

Always improving, and on more than just gloves, are waterproof, windproof and breathable membranes and microfibers to enhance rider comfort. As a result, contrary to how they may appear, new gloves are highly insulated in addition to being thin and lightweight.

For those who prefer something a little tougher, armored gloves are always good to have in stock for both racer and adventure and touring riders. Armor helps with abrasion and impact resistance to protect hands from preventable damage. Some gloves are even designed with Kevlar to amp up the protection.


When it comes to price on armored gloves, the price typically reflects protection; in other words, you get what you pay for.

Newer gloves are made to have armor that conforms to rider’s hands, as if it were their own. For example, an elevated, knuckle in a glove would look as if a hand were in the gloves when they are on display. When a rider puts those gloves on, their look doesn’t change because the rider’s hands fit perfectly into the shape of the armor that mimics the natural curves of the hand.


Improved technology comes with better materials. Top finds include different types of leather like goatskin, cowhide and even high-grade synthetic leather for those who look for products that are animal friendly. When selling leather products, be sure to sell leather care items as well, like weatherproofing conditioners, to prolong the life of the material.

Like any type of apparel, keep a variety of options, styles and sizes in stock for your customers to choose their favorite. Whether it be youth sizes or a wide variety of colors for all, make sure you gauge your customer’s interest in your inventory to upsell those necessary apparel items before riders hit the road.

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