Apparel Pro: Dual Sport / Modular Lids

Adventure helmets often include features such as a removable sun visor for highway riding, a drop-down interior visor for glare, venting more typical of an off-road helmet as well as an easily removable face shield.

Like a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts, I am one of those riders who is forever on the lookout for that new moto item that will revolutionize my riding.

It’s a never-ending search for that one product, which has multiple uses and will therefore cut down on the weight of my luggage, solve multiple problems and/or do good deeds to my budget. One such new product now on the market is a modular adventure helmet.

These latest lids are a boon to riders and therefore dealers, because the one helmet with its varied features is suitable for many types of riders and riding. Part street helmet, part touring helmet, part dirt riding helmet that can be used with goggles, these helmets have a very broad range of appeal. These modular adventure helmets are very popular with UTV/ATV and side-by-side operators as well. A great many customers are specifically asking for this type of helmet exactly because of their versatile nature.

The Nexx and Schuberth models were the first to hit the market. Then Scorpion entered the arena and threw down the gauntlet with its solid-colored modular adventure helmets coming in right about half or less of the price of the others. This is exciting on the retail level because of the continued growth of the adventure riding market combined with the large group of consumers who don’t want to spend over $400 on a helmet.

Scorpion’s modular adventure helmet, the EXO AT950 has an enlarged eye port for an increased field of vision and of course a flip-up chin bar.

“Scorpion has always had modular helmets in its line-up,” says Edward Wilkinson, director of development at Scorpion Sports. “We have a high-end fiberglass one called the GT3000, a lower-priced polycarbonate one called the GT920, and with the explosive growth of the adventure market it only seemed logical to create an adventure modular helmet and we happen to call that the AT950.”

Modular adventure helmets have an enlarged eye port for an increased field of vision. They feature a removable sun visor for highway riding, a drop-down interior visor for glare, venting more typical of an off-road helmet as well as an easily removable face shield so a rider can wear goggles if preferred. And, of course, they also have the flip-up chin bar which makes the entire package irresistible for those riders who want the flexibility of eating, drinking and talking without removing their helmet.

“One of the things we wanted to do with it was create a really large field of vision,” said Wilkinson. “The eye port is not only incredibly wide, but also it has a lot of height from top to bottom. That gives the helmet a very aggressive look and makes it easy to see your display or GPS. It’s also an excellent highway helmet when you remove the external sun visor. It’s good as a touring helmet because it has a drop-down sun visor for those bright days. People love the convenience of being able to flip up the face shield and talk to the people they’re in the vehicle with or grab a quick drink.”

It’s very easy to install aftermarket communication systems in the Scorpion helmet because at the ears there are pre-molded spaces in the EPS for the newer, larger speakers that are being used with communication systems today. Additionally, the liner is easily removed which makes it a snap to wash and keep clean. One product, many applications. Now I just have to come to your shop and get in line to purchase one.

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