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And the Survey Says…Iowa

I love old television game shows, and among the best of the lot was Family Feud with Richard Dawson.


I love old television game shows, and among the best of the lot was Family Feud with Richard Dawson. What made that show exciting to me, besides the kooky guests, was that it made you think about what other people thought might be the most popular or “number one” answer. You also had great matchups throughout the years – Dallas vs. Eight Is Enough, Dallas Cowboys vs. the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, WWF Superstars vs. World Bodybuilding Federation Bodystars – which was fantastic entertainment no matter what decade you watched the show.

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Next month we are going to be posting the results of our own survey, that, while not as entertaining as Family Feud, will we be informative and help you run your business more effectively and understand the current trends. We’re also giving away a Kindle Fire to one lucky contestant who sends in a completed survey. See page 49 for a link to our survey forms.

Speaking of popular answers, a recent article on studying the most popular states for motorcycles show some surprising results. The article stated that there were 8,410,255 motorcycles registered in the United States by private citizens and commercial organizations in 2011, according to the latest information from the Department of Transportation. writer Blake Bos boiled it down to mean that for every 36 people you meet, one of them owns a motorcycle.


That’s pretty staggering when you put it in perspective. That means a lot of potential business for our industry if we could capture it all. Not surprisingly, North Dakota had the most registered bikes per capita, but the eye-opener was the No. 3 state, Iowa. It turns out there are roads through those cornfields, with 18 people per bike, which beat the national average by 50 percent! Read the full story here (

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