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American Choppers Star Announces Launch of New Product, Proceeds to Help Injured Veterans

Tattseal is a patented natural product that combines bioceuticals designed to reduce pain and inflammation associated with the tattooing process.


Discovery Channel reality TV star and founder of Orange County Choppers (OCC) Paul Teutel, Sr., a world leader in handcrafted custom motorcycles, announced today the launch of a new, patented tattoo product that is poised to revolutionize an entire industry.

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Tattseal is a patented natural product that combines bioceuticals designed to reduce pain and inflammation associated with the tattooing process.

“I am proud and excited to launch this incredible product,” Paul Sr. said. “TattSeal has exceeded anything I have ever used for tattoos. What could be better than more tattoos, less pain and helping veterans?”

In an effort to help raise money for injured veterans, a portion of the TattSeal proceeds will go to the Oscar Mike Foundation. 

“I am proud and excited to launch this incredible product,” said Paul Sr. “As most people know, I am not easy to please. This product has exceeded anything I have ever used for tattoos. What could be better than more tattoos, less pain, and helping veterans?”


The launch includes a national tattoo contest to win an OCC Chopper worth over $100,000. The contest winner to be announced at Villain Arts’ Tattoo Convention in Philadelphia in January 2020.

“We are humbled and thrilled to partner with Orange County Choppers.  Through this unique collaboration, many lives will be changed for the better. Thank you Paul Sr.,” said Noah Currier, CEO Oscar Mike.

Artists using Tattseal as an applicator are seeing pieces that formerly required two or three appointments completed in just one sitting. The product’s proprietary and unique blend not only speeds healing, but also includes essential oils that enhance the artwork’s vibrancy for both new and old tattoos.


Paul Sr. teamed up with HW&B Enterprises, a highly respected research and manufacturing company known for its all-natural aloe-based products to create Tattseal.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Paul, Sr. and Orange County Choppers. Tattseal is positioned to disrupt the Tattoo and ink business because of its unique composition and patented formulation that encourage the body to do what it does naturally – repair itself. With early trials, it has far exceeded our expectations with consumers and artists alike,”  said Christopher Hardy, CEO HW&B, Enterprises. LLC.


Paul and his tattoos have aired in over 150 countries spanning his 12 years as the lead character on Discovery Channel’s American Choppers.

Link: TattSeal

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