Advanced Technology: Are You Equipped to Sell Communication Systems?

While certainly not a new concept, communication systems and multi-rider connectivity continues to evolve in quality and innovation.

As much as the internet is pulling sales from stores, customers who are not familiar with new technology are still hesitant to purchase electronics online. This could be a golden opportunity for you and when it comes to powersports communication systems; a hands-on approach may lend you a considerable advantage when selling.

Having multiple options for customers to look at will make them feel much more comfortable with their purchasing decision and it will allow you and your employees to become more familiar with a wider range of products.

Communication systems have advanced quickly right along with all modern technology, and keeping familiar with them will allow you to confidently and enthusiastically talk to customers about current features and the differences between systems.

Modern GPS systems are accurate and quick and you can invent your adventures at the touch of a screen. No longer will you have to spend hours researching a map and building your itinerary, you just hop on and go. With adaptable mounting hardware, these new systems integrate seamlessly onto any machine. They are built out of rugged components to withstand all types of weather as well as the vibrations and rigorous conditions experienced during off-road use.

To make them even more desirable, the majority of these systems sync with your smart phone via Bluetooth technology.

In addition, GPS can warn you of upcoming road conditions or hazards and even recommend places to rest or eat. Some units can even monitor bike status such as fuel level or air pressure and provide warnings if a problem is recognized.

While certainly not a new concept, communication systems and multi-rider connectivity continues to evolve in quality and innovation.

Aside from Bluetooth connectivity to your phone, these systems can connect up to 15 riders; the more riders the greater the range. Throw in voice command, conference calls and intercom features and who needs an office?

On top of a sophisticated phone system, add radio, music sharing and music streaming to the list of features included on many of these systems.

Adding more to their value is the ease of installation and use. They install quickly and easily into most helmets and a majority of new helmets are designed to be communication system compatible. Many of these systems will connect to other riders automatically, and even if you fall out of range, they will reconnect on their own when in proximity.

With all of these features and ease of use, communication systems are changing the game in safe riding.
Heads up display units, which project information directly in the rider’s line of sight, are now a reality for motorcyclists too. They are designed specifically to mount on helmets, allowing riders to keep their eyes on the road ahead. They can also integrate with navigation, media and communication systems for ease of operation.

As a final selling point to your customer, make sure they know that if any installation is required on their unit such as mounting brackets or wiring, your service department is well equipped for the installation. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your service department procedures so you can speak confidently about the process.

Offering a hands-on approach to your customers will allow them to realize all of their options. In many cases, those who use new technology never fully explore all of the possibilities and simply don’t realize what they are missing out on. If you convey this to your customers through your knowledge and enthusiasm of the products, you’ll have an easy sell.

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