ABUS GRANIT Detecto 8078 SmartX Motorcycle Lock Launches in North America

The new GRANIT Detecto 8078 SmartX brake disc lock from ABUS, the expert in mobile security combines security with convenience by turning your smartphone into the key.

The new GRANIT Detecto 8078 SmartX brake disc lock from ABUS, the expert in mobile security combines security with convenience by turning your smartphone into the key.

This brake disc lock fulfils the wishes of motorcyclists: a lock that can be operated without a conventional key, automatically sending reminders before the biker rides off, remembers the latest locking location, triggers an alarm in the event of attempted theft and provides a maximum level of security. By combining tried-and-tested mechanical components and innovative digital components, ABUS has made a step into the smart future of mobile security technology with the GRANITTM Detecto 8078 SmartX.

The SmartXTM cylinder is the key—without a key

The key element is the new SmartXTM cylinder, the first electronically controlled, keyless locking cylinder in the ABUS range. The lock can be operated easily and conveniently via a smartphone with a Bluetooth connection. All the user has to do is connect their lock in a one-time process via the ABUS app for iOS or Android devices—then it is ready to use via a secure, encrypted connection. And all of this “hands-free”—which means that as soon as the rider’s smartphone approaches the lock, the connection is activated, and the rider can open or lock the GRANITTM Detecto 8078 SmartX without even holding the smartphone in their hands. This is an invaluable advantage, especially when the rider is wearing gloves.

High level of security and easy handling

During development, special attention was paid to ergonomics, creating an easy to handle lock. The locking bolt extends after applying slight pressure to it, and the lock is ready for use. Once the lock, with its 13.5 mm thick bolt, has been attached to the brake disc and the locking bolt has been pushed against the brake disc, the cylinder engages the lock, and the “3D Position Detection” electronic position sensor is activated. After that, any impact on or change in the position of the motorcycle triggers an alarm at a volume of 100 dB. The intelligent technology can determine when movements are occurring that are simply due to brief, one-off vibrations, preventing a false alarm. 

The beneficial side effect is that any biker who forgets about releasing the lock from the brake disc before riding off is warned by the alarm against potential damage before it is too late.

All it takes to release the lock before riding off it is to have your phone within Bluetooth range. A secure Bluetooth 5.0 connection authorizes the opening process. After that, it is only necessary to press the body of the lock towards the brake disc briefly, and the locking bolt will release the brake disc. 

App as command central

The ABUS app does not just control the Bluetooth signal. It is the information center of the lock. It displays the current charging status in realtime and when the status is low, it issues a prompt to charge the lock in a timely manner via the push function. A standardized USB-C cable is used for charging.  Furthermore, the app saves the location of the motorcycle secured by the GRANITTM Detecto 8078 SmartX, which makes it easier to remember where your bike is locked. The battery and activity statuses can also be read directly at the lock itself using the multi-color LED.


  • ABUS 3D detection system registers even the slightest movement.
  • Multi-color LED and different acoustic signals inform about battery activation and status.
  • Transport while locked without activating the detection system, thanks to automatic brake disc recognition.
  • Memorizes last parking location.
  • Constructed from special hardened steel.
  • 13.5 mm steel bolt.
  • 100dB alarm.
  • USB-C port.
  • Secure hands-free Bluetooth connection via IOS or Android via ABUS App
  • MSRP $279.99

Link: ABUS

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