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A Good Start Could Define Your Powersports Season

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Motorcycles, dirt bikes, jet skis and ATVs are ready to come out of hibernation for summer action. While you’re getting these beasts fueled up, you’ve got your fingers crossed that they’ll turn over without a struggle. After all, the last thing you want between you and the road, water or trail is failed ignition. Once your recreational vehicle starts, that might be the last time you think about ignition for the season, but it shouldn’t be. Before you peel out, you should show your spark plugs some love. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Successful starts don’t equal peak performance. A standard plug, especially one from last season, may get you started, but it will not get the most out of your ride. Premium iridium plugs can provide up to 26% quicker starts, more focused ignition and increased horsepower.
  2. A failed start could be a simple fix. What if your recreational vehicle fails to turn over? Checking your existing spark plug and replacing or upgrading could keep you from having to put in extra repair time or pay a mechanic for a costly fix.
  3. No one wants to spend more on fuel. Bad spark plugs can cause difficult starts, poor performance and increased fuel consumption. If not replaced in a timely fashion, deposits on older plugs build up to the point that initiating a spark becomes difficult, killing your engine’s gas mileage once ignited.
  4. Keep going all season long. A little work on the front end can make this season more carefree, no matter which type of powersport you prefer, and one of the easiest fixes is to replace or upgrade your spark plug.

With the right plug, you can have peace of mind in more consistent ignition this powersports season. Make sure to consult with the manufacturer’s spark plug specifications before choosing the plug for your recreational vehicle.

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