2025 Kawasaki KLX230R and KLX230R S Off-Road Motorcycles

Get out and play.

The new 2025 KLX230R and KLX230R S off-road motorcycles from Kawasaki are setting new standards for exhilarating off-road adventures. Designed to ignite the thrill-seeking spirit in riders, the KLX230R promises endless fun across diverse terrains, whether navigating woodland trails or taking on desert landscapes.

Building upon the legacy of its predecessors, the 2025 models retain the essence of what has made the KLX230R a beloved favorite among off-road enthusiasts. With enhancements including a larger fuel tank for extended off-road excursions, an improved subframe for lower seat height and enhanced comfort, and updated aggressive styling inspired by the KX motorcrosser, the KLX230R stands proudly among Kawasaki’s esteemed off-road lineup.

The introduction of a primary balancer to the renowned 233cc single engine elevates the riding experience to new heights, delivering unparalleled smoothness and tractability that will be appreciated by riders of all skill levels. Paired with long-travel suspension and impressive ground clearance, the KLX230R ensures a joyous ride on the trails, while full-size front and rear wheels provide sure-footed handling across various surfaces. For riders seeking a lower seat height without compromising off-road performance, the KLX230R S model offers a perfect balance of accessibility and capability, catering to a diverse range of riders. With its light, maneuverable and highly capable nature, the KLX230R and KLX230R S beckon riders to embark on unforgettable off-road adventures.


  • NEW: 233cc fuel-injected engine with improved low-mid range power
  • NEW: Compact perimeter frame with low seat height
  • NEW: Revised seat design with thicker urethane
  • NEW: Riding position for increased control
  • NEW: Larger, steel, 2-gallon fuel tank 
  • NEW: KX-inspired styling with seamless bodywork
  • Long-travel front and rear suspension 
  • Full-size 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels


At the heart of this trail-blazing machine lies the fuel-injected 233cc air-cooled four-stroke single engine, meticulously engineered to deliver a perfect balance of power and torque finely tuned for the low-mid range. Its four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder design not only enhances reliability but also contributes to a compact and agile package, enabling riders to conquer even the most challenging trails with ease.

Engineered for optimal control and comfort, the KLX230R features a long stroke to prioritize torque, ensuring robust low-end and mid-range performance for seamless acceleration and precise throttle response. Adding to the riding pleasure is a single-axis primary balancer, which reduces vibrations transmitted to the rider, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride, even on the most rugged terrain.

The KLX230R doesn’t stop there: It’s designed to exceed expectations at every turn. With a simplified single overhead-camshaft (SOHC) two-valve design, the engine maintains an easy-to-use character that’s perfectly suited for trail riding, while a narrower intake port and smaller intake valve (37 millimeters and 33 millimeters respectively) further enhance ease of use in the low-mid range. A smaller air box accommodates a lower rear subframe and ensures sufficient space for the air intake. The fuel injection system, featuring a 32-millimeter throttle body, ensures precise response and stable fuel delivery regardless of external conditions. Paired with fuel injection, the electric start ensures convenient starting with just the push of a button, enhancing the overall ease of use and accessibility of the KLX230R. Updated engine control unit (ECU) settings were specifically designed for the KLX230R, matching the increased low-mid range torque. 

To complement its engine, the KLX230R boasts a smooth-shifting six-speed transmission, covering a wide range of trail riding scenarios with ease. Whether navigating technical terrain or cruising along long straights, this transmission offers the versatility and performance needed to tackle any adventure. With a 46/13 final gear ratio carefully selected for optimal trail riding performance, every ride promises excitement and exhilaration.

Rounding out its impressive array of features is a new keyed ignition system, which shares its design with the fuel tank cap.


The KLX230R embodies off-road excellence, boasting a purpose-built, high-tensile steel perimeter frame for unwavering stability on the trails. Crafted from the ground up for dirt-riding dominance, this chassis is the result of meticulous collaboration between Kawasaki’s engineers and seasoned test riders, ensuring a seamless blend of engine and frame dynamics tailored to riders of all levels.

From inception, the chassis of the KLX230R prioritized performance and maneuverability. By designing the engine and frame in tandem, engineers achieved a compact and agile chassis that excels in any terrain. Engineered with precision, every detail is optimized, from the minimized engine height to the finely tuned frame geometry for a perfect balance of rigidity and responsiveness. In an effort to reduce weight, the lower triple clamp material has been updated from steel to aluminum.

Enhancing the trail capabilities of the KLX230R is a meticulously redesigned rear subframe, maintaining ample wheel travel while introducing thicker seat cushioning and a lower seat height for enhanced rider comfort. With a steeper rake angle (25.4 degrees on KLX230R and 24.6 degrees on KLX230R S) for nimble handling and a short 54.1-inch wheelbase (53.3-inch for KLX230R S) for easy maneuvering, the KLX230R tackles trails effortlessly. And boasting an impressive 11.4-inch (KLX230R)/10.6-inch (KLX230R S) ground clearance, riders can navigate obstacles with confidence, ensuring an exhilarating riding experience.


Designed to tackle the most rugged terrains, the KLX230R features long-travel suspension both front and rear, allowing it to effortlessly absorb bumps for a smooth and controlled ride.

Up front, a 37-millimeter telescopic fork takes charge of suspension duties, boasting an impressive 9.8 inches of wheel travel on the KLX230R and 8.7 inches on the KLX230R S. This generous wheel travel not only enhances off-road performance but also contributes to superior controllability, ensuring confidence-inspiring handling, even on the most challenging terrain.

At the rear, the KLX230R is equipped with a New Uni Trak rear suspension system, offering ample wheel travel of 9.8 inches on the KLX230R, while 8.8 inches can be found on the KLX230R S. Engineered for a planted feel and exceptional bump absorption, this rear suspension setup features springs and damping settings that are tuned to be stiffer than those found on the KLX230 dual-purpose model, further enhancing its off-road prowess. Additionally, the single rear shock absorber, pressurized with nitrogen gas, is adjustable for preload and now features stepless adjustment for greater flexibility in tailoring the bike to suit rider weight and preferences. With the KLX230R, riders can expect a ride that’s not just thrilling but also finely tuned to conquer any trail with confidence.

Brakes and Wheels

The KLX230R excels in braking and maneuverability. With a 240-millimeter front disc and twin-piston caliper, braking is strong and easily controlled, while the rear features a 220-millimeter disc and single-piston caliper for sure stopping power. Both discs have petal designs for better stopping power and heat dissipation.

The KLX230R sports large aluminum wheels — 21 inches in the front and 18 inches in the rear — for efficient trail navigation. Rim locks on the wheels allow for lower tire pressures, improving traction and stability on tough terrain. With the KLX230R, riders enjoy precise engineering and trail-tackling prowess on every adventure.


The KLX230R seamlessly blends form and function to offer riders an unparalleled experience on the trails. Its newly designed seat, featuring a flat design, allows for enhanced freedom of movement, enabling riders to find their ideal riding positions. Crafted with smooth bodywork and minimal protruding parts, the KLX230R facilitates maneuverability, ensuring excellent ergonomics for off-road adventures.

The frame of the KLX230R is a testament to thoughtful design, engineered to provide superior chassis control by offering easy grip with the legs. Flush seams between the shrouds, seat and side covers further enhance control and mobility on the bike, minimizing spots where the rider’s boots could get stuck. Drawing inspiration from Kawasaki’s KX racers, the flat tank and seat design provide riders with greater freedom of movement, allowing for easy shifts in riding position and enhanced agility on the trail.

Thanks to an improved rear subframe, the KLX230R boasts a lowered seat height, from 36.4 inches to 35.6 inches, enhancing the machine’s overall handling and instilling confidence in riders. On the KLX230R S model, the seat height has been reduced even further at 34.4 inches for an even more comfortable reach to the ground. A thicker seat offers increased ride comfort and a wider sitting area for increased comfort and control. Additionally, handlebar and footpeg placement have been carefully revised to match the new seat shape, with the handlebar positioned 25 millimeters farther forward and 13 millimeters higher while the footpegs are situated 9 millimeters further rearward. This optimized setup not only enhances rider inputs but also contributes to enhanced controllability, instilling confidence in every corner.


Drawing inspiration from Kawasaki’s illustrious KX motocross racers, the new KLX230R exudes the essence of a capable off-road machine, boasting a sporty, aggressive design that seamlessly integrates from head to tail. With newly sculpted bodywork and race-inspired colors and graphics, the KLX230R commands attention on any trail, reflecting its formidable trail-riding prowess.

At the forefront of its design evolution are an updated fuel tank, shrouds and side covers, closely mirroring the aesthetic of Kawasaki’s latest KX450 and KX250 models. The sleek, steel fuel tank, a departure from plastic, not only enhances durability but also adds a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance of the KLX230R. Complementing this bold transformation is a redesigned front fender, shaped to match the new lines of the shroud and side covers, creating a cohesive and dynamic profile that speaks to the machine’s agility and power.

The attention to detail on the KLX230R extends to every aspect of its design, including a flat seat with two-tone coloring that seamlessly aligns with the bodywork, creating a streamlined and race-inspired aesthetic. Black alumite rims, reminiscent of the KX series, further enhance the machine’s sporty character, while newly designed brake and clutch levers add a touch of modernity to its appearance. Simple instrumentation, mounted at the center of the handlebar, provides essential information at a glance, ensuring riders stay informed and in control at all times. With its sleek lines, bold graphics and KX-inspired styling cues, the KLX230R stands as a testament to Kawasaki’s commitment to excellence in off-road performance and design.

Kawasaki Genuine Accessories

There are several Kawasaki Genuine Accessories available for the KLX230R, including a frame cover, silver flat type handlebar, handlebar pad, black low and high seats and small skid plate.

  • Kawasaki KLX230R:
    • Color: Lime Green, Battle Gray
    • MSRP: $4,999
    • Availability: Now
  • Kawasaki KLX230R S:
    • Color:  Lime Green, Battle Gray
    • MSRP: $4,999
    • Availability: Now

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