2025 Kawasaki Elektrode 20 and 20FS

Every day is electric with these youth e-bikes.

Kawasaki’s debut of the Elektrode, its inaugural electric balance bike, in 2023 marked a thrilling opportunity for kids to enjoy the experience of riding on two wheels and for parent’s joy to witness their children’s first venture into the realm of motorcycling. Keeping the excitement going, Kawasaki now introduces the Elektrode 20, tailored for riders of greater stature, and the Elektrode 20FS, designed for riders stepping up from smaller models. Both models feature 20-inch wheels, catering to riders advancing from smaller Elektrode bikes or those embracing riding for the first time at a later stage in life. With a design reminiscent of balance bikes and compact electric models, riders will seamlessly adapt to these visually appealing electric machines.

Young riders will be drawn to the Lime Green paint, motocross-inspired graphics and number plate, excited at the chance to ride a machine inspired by professional riders. Parents will appreciate Kawasaki’s hallmark build quality apparent in the machine’s meticulous fit and finish, alongside convenient features like the powerful motor, selectable power modes and integrated battery. For riders progressing from the Elektrode balance bike, the familiarity of its appearance combined with the thrilling power boost and ideal size will be a slam dunk. Its compact size allows for easy portability, fitting snugly into cars, trucks or SUVs, and in addition to being available at Kawasaki dealers, models can be purchased directly from Kawasaki.com.

All-New 2025 Kawasaki Elektrode 20 Highlights

  • NEW: Powerful 750-watt in-wheel brushless electric motor
  • NEW: Chainless drive and silent operation
  • NEW: Premium disc brakes
  • NEW: Long-lasting in-frame battery with up to three hours of running time*
  • NEW: Telescopic front fork
  • NEW: Large, 20-inch spoke wheels
  • NEW: 24 mph max speed* with three selectable speed modes
  • NEW: KX-inspired styling
Kawasaki Elektrode 20

Electric Motor

The 2025 Elektrode 20 provides fun and exciting power output for quick and aggressive acceleration and top speed. Featuring a 750-watt electric motor that’s located in the rear wheel, the Elektrode has plenty of power while maintaining a low center of gravity and ideal balance for light steering and feel and easy turning and leaning. The motor itself is completely sealed with no external moving parts, helping to prevent water from making its way inside and increasing durability. Its quiet electric operation helps maintain a non-intimidating package.


The Kawasaki Elektrode 20 is the perfect option for long periods of fun thanks to a long-lasting, in-frame, lithium-ion battery. On a single charge, the bike can run for approximately one hour on High mode or up to three hours in Low mode, depending on conditions, and only takes four hours to fully recharge. The Elektrode 20 features an auto-sleep feature that shuts off the power after 10 minutes of inactivity, helping to preserve the battery’s charge. Since the battery lives within the aluminum frame, it is ultimately protected from dirt, dust and rocks during use. The frame also helps protect the battery from potential damage caused by falls or hard use, adding to the overall lifespan of the battery.

The battery can be charged using a provided charging cable that easily connects between the front of the bike and any home outlet. It can also be charged from a car, camper or side by side vehicle.

Speed Modes

Like the original Elektrode, riders can select from three speed modes to suit their skill levels or riding conditions. The speed modes can be selected using the LCD screen located on the handlebars, making it quick and simple to switch between modes. Each mode caps the electric bike at a specific speed: low at 13 mph, mid at 24 mph with gentle acceleration and high at 24 mph with quick acceleration. In order to change modes, the bike must be completely stopped.

Chassis and Ergonomics

The Elektrode 20 is built with the same quality that Kawasaki vehicles are known for. A lightweight aluminum frame provides the durability a rider expects while remaining light for easy handling. A highly rigid mountain-bike style steel front fork adorns the front of the bike, which grants riders a solid feel and two inches of travel; 160-millimeter front- and rear-mounted mechanical disc brakes provide ample stopping power at the pull of the levers, giving riders a stable, easy-to-use brake that can match the units power output and speed.

To keep the Elektrode 20 light and sturdy, Kawasaki designed special 20-inch spoked wheels which suit more mature riders. An aluminum front hub was also utilized, providing extra durability and increased bump absorption that contributes to the rider’s comfort. The wheels come outfitted with knobby, tubed tires, providing excellent traction on various surfaces.

This machine is designed to accommodate riders weighing up to 132 pounds and has an adjustable seat height varying from 21.7 inches at its lowest to 27.3 inches at its highest. It has a universal riding position like a regular bicycle and even comes with rotating bicycle-style pedals that provide an extra level of freedom for a wide range of riding positions and styles. The pedals fold inward if they make contact with the ground and are spring loaded to snap back into place once the obstacle has been cleared. The handlebar design contributes to an upright riding position, which allows for plenty of room for the rider’s knees, and the handlebar and seat component sizes are common with many standard bicycle parts for those looking to customize the fit, feel and appearance of their Elektrode 20s.


Inspired by the KX motocross motorcycles, the Kawasaki Elektrode 20 is designed to look like a full-fledged off-road machine. A KX-inspired front number plate adorns the front of the unit, and the iconic Kawasaki Lime Green coloring and racing-inspired graphics that match the popular off-road motorcycles makes riders feel like they are on a bike similar to those ridden by pros. The smooth, clean lines contribute to the bike’s simple and sporty looks. 

2025 Kawasaki Elektrode 20

  • Color: Lime Green, Black
  • MSRP: $2,199
  • Purchase options: Elektrode 20 will be available this summer through your local Kawasaki dealer, and new for 2025, models can also be purchased directly on Kawasaki.com with ship-to-home and ship-to-dealer options. 

Elektrode 20FS Highlights

The Elektrode 20FS is built from the same platform as its Elektrode 20 counterpart but tailored for riders seeking a blend of style and functionality reminiscent of a bicycle motocross (BMX) bike. Its compact size and powerful electric motor make it accessible for those craving an exhilarating ride, with a potent output that caters to a range of riders. This bike promises a smooth and manageable performance, perfect for playful riding, and it’s crafted with Kawasaki’s renowned precision and durability. Sporting BMX-inspired features like high handlebars and a rigid front fork, the Elektrode 20FS appeals to any urban sports enthusiast.

  • NEW: Powerful, 750-watt, in-wheel brushless electric motor
  • NEW: Chainless drive and silent operation
  • NEW: Premium disc brakes
  • NEW: Long-lasting in-frame battery with up to three hours of running time*
  • NEW: High max speed* with three selectable speed modes
  • NEW: Street BMX styling
  • NEW: Large 20-inch spoke wheels with BMX tires
  • NEW: Rigid front fork
Kawasaki Elektrode 20FS

Built with the backbone of the Elektrode 20, the Elektrode 20FS shares most of the same great features. Separating the Elektrode 20FS is a highly rigid steel front fork that provides a solid feel and precise control, similar to what a rider will feel on a BMX bike. The seat can be adjusted between 23.4 inches at its lowest point to 30 inches at its highest point and can withstand riders weighing up to 176 pounds. BMX-style tires offer riders excellent grip on both the hard and soft terrain, and the simple BMX-inspired styling makes the Elektrode 20FS stand out amongst the crowd. The front of the Elektrode sports a more square shaped BMX-style front number plate, and the subtle color of the paint blends it perfectly into the urban scene. Graphics are included but are packed separately in the box so riders have the option of applying them or using their own to suit their needs.

2025 Kawasaki Elektrode 20FS

  • Color: Flat Metallic Grey
  • MSRP: $2,199
  • Purchase options: Elektrode 20FS will be available this fall through your local Kawasaki dealer, and new for 2025, models can also be purchased directly on Kawasaki.com with ship-to-home and ship-to-dealer options. 

*Top speed and running time varies based on battery age, charge and the number of charge cycles it has had, rider weight, speed, and riding conditions.

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