Kawasaki’s 2023 Jet Ski Ultra 160 PWC Model Range

The only one for good times.

The Kawasaki Jet Ski watercraft model range is well-known for bringing good times on the water, and for 2023, Kawasaki proudly unveiled a pair of new models with the Jet Ski Ultra160LX and Jet Ski Ultra 160LX-S. These new models further fortify the Jet Ski personal watercraft lineup with the perfect combination of high-performance, unmatched comfort and luxury styling.

The new Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 160 models are powered by the highly acclaimed engine found in the Jet Ski STX 160 series while adding many of the innovative features and equipment found on the Jet Ski Ultra 310 series.

Loaded with flagship features, the Jet Ski Ultra 160 models come equipped with 7-inch full-color TFT instrumentation, Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD), a slim new seat, easy-access storage and rear pocket, easy-access cleats, multi-mount bars, cup holders, accent lights, a rear-view camera and the same deck found on other Jet Ski Ultra models with built-in multi-mount rails. In addition to these great new features found on the Jet Ski Ultra 160 LX-S, the Jet Ski Ultra 160LX is fitted with the JETSOUND 4s integrated audio system, LXury seat and a stylish meter visor.

2023 Jet Ski Ultra 160LX-S Hightlights

  • NEW: Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD)
  • NEW: Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM)
  • NEW: Electronic cruise control
  • NEW: Power mode selection
  • NEW: 7-inch full-color TFT instrumentation with smartphone connectivity and multiple display modes
  • NEW: Functional storage featuring an easy side-access storage space
  • NEW: ULTRA deck
  • NEW: Rear-view camera
  • NEW: Slim seat design
  • NEW: Easy-access cleats
  • Dual-overhead camshaft (DOHC), 16-valve, parallel 4-cylinder, 1,498cc engine
  • Advanced 22.5-degree deep V-hull

2023 Jet Ski Ultra 160LX Additional Features

  • NEW: JETSOUND 4s integrated audio system
  • NEW: Three-position ERGO-FIT adjustable LXury seat
  • NEW: Meter visor          

Electronics and Equipment

  • NEW: Power mode selection
  • NEW: Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM)
  • NEW: Kawasaki Smart Steering (KSS)
  • NEW: Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration
  • NEW: 7-inch TFT instrumentation with smartphone connectivity and multiple display modes
  • NEW: Electronic cruise control
  • NEW: One-touch 5 mph mode
  • NEW: Rear-view camera
  • NEW: Highly functional storage

Power Modes

Riders have the option to choose from four power modes, including Full Power Operation (FPO), Middle Power Operation (MPO), Low Power Operation (LPO) and Smart Learning Operation (SLO). When using the standard full power mode key, riders will be able to easily switch back and forth between different power modes using a “mode” button on the left handlebar, ideal for adjusting levels of power based on riding conditions, skill or preference. When FPO is selected, riders can fully experience the engine. MPO offers the same power as FPO with a milder acceleration. LPO has even less acceleration and restricts engine output. By default, the engine starts in MPO, and the SLO power mode is achieved using the secondary SLO key, which is marked bright yellow so it can be easily identified.

Kawasaki Launch Control Mode

The Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM) offers two modes to benefit acceleration. When accelerating with the system engaged, the trim is automatically adjusted to suit the vehicle’s speed. In single mode, once set, the KLCM is only active for the first acceleration period, whereas in repeat mode, the KLCM is active each time the rider accelerates from a slow speed.

Kawasaki Smart Steering

The Kawasaki Smart Steering (KSS) system uses sensors to detect the engine speed, steering status, and throttle opening angle. When the operating conditions are met, it maintains the engine speed necessary for turning and generates propulsion. Even if the throttle is fully closed, it functions when the throttle is suddenly fully closed due to high speeds and does not operate when continuously going at low speed, such as when docking.

Kawasaki Smart Reverse With Deceleration

Kawasaki Smart Reverse with Deceleration (KSRD) also makes its way onto the Jet Ski Ultra 160 lineup, with new reverse assist options added. The system is activated when a thumb switch on the right handlebar is pushed, which enables the thrust to be controlled with one hand. When the thumb switch is fully depressed, the trim up and down buttons can be used to increase or decrease the engine rpm to adjust thrust, allowing for more precise control when maneuvering the watercraft in tight spots, such as docking. When the reverse thumb switch is released, the drive mode returns to neutral, and engine returns to idle.

TFT Instrumentation

An all-new 7-inch TFT display adorns the dash of the Jet Ski Ultra 160 series, offering multiple display modes, jog-dial control, Bluetooth connectivity and various entertainment features. Riders can toggle among three different display modes (Digital Speedometer, Analogue Tachometer, Digital Speedometer and Jet Ski Image) to present their information in a way that suits their riding styles, and the screen background can be set to either black or white. Screen brightness adjusts automatically based on the available outside light but can also be adjusted manually to suit the rider’s preference. The instrument’s large screen makes it an ideal tool to use for a variety of infotainment functions, including a GPS waypoint indicator, vehicle information, rear-view camera monitor and audio track display.

Screen display functions include a GPS-based speedometer; tachometer; fuel gauge; drive mode; boost pressure; clock; power mode; compass; trim; Bluetooth indicator; phone call indicator; mail indicator; economical riding indicator; cruise control; and a selectable display that includes a digital tachometer, trip meter, total time, trip time, oil temperature, engine coolant temperature, battery voltage, intake air temperature, diagnostic code, external air temperature and external water temperature. An economical riding indicator also appears on the display to indicate ideal fuel consumption and help the rider maximize fuel efficiency. 

Surrounding the screen is a variety of indicator lamps that help to provide easy, at-a-glance information to the rider. These lamps include GPS, low fuel, engine, oil, battery, engine coolant temperature, immobilizer, master warning, trim and reverse.

Electronic Cruise Control

The rider can set the engine speed at will using the new electronic cruise control for comfortable cruising. The speed can be adjusted after being set with the up/down buttons that are within arm’s reach on the right side of the handlebar. After activation, the throttle is pulled all the way in to maintain speed, which is a more relaxing position than keeping the lever at partial throttle. Releasing the throttle disengages the system.

One-Touch 5 mph Mode

Another convenient feature found on the Jet Ski Ultra 160 series is the one-touch 5 mph mode. This mode is convenient in places where you must avoid causing wake, such as in a marina or bay. Riders can maintain their speed at 5 mph with a single touch. When riding into headwind or with a load, pushing the cruise control up button offers three levels of increased rpm and a speed range of 5 mph to 6.2 mph. Pressing the button again or pulling the throttle lever can disengage the mode.

Rear-View Camera

A new rear-view camera has been mounted at the back of the rear seat, offering riders a supplemental rearward view behind the watercraft. This feature is also convenient when towing or when getting into a tight space while docking.

Highly Functional Storage

The highly functional storage system found on the Jet Ski Ultra 160 series offers a total storage capacity of 44.5 gallons. This includes a large, fully sealed 32.8-gallon front storage area that has plenty of room for recreational equipment. With the elimination of the reverse lever freeing up space, the new, easy-access storage offers 10.6 gallons of space behind the handle. It can be accessed from either the left or the right, offering a highly convenient place to keep high-use items. Inside the easy-access storage on the right side, a 0.5-gallon waterproof compartment can be found with a USB outlet that is ideal for mobile phones and other items that you do not want to get wet. At the rear seat, the easy-access pocket offers an additional 0.7-gallons of space for ropes, tools and other small items.


  • NEW: Luxury styling from the deck up
  • NEW: Individual model design concepts
  • NEW: Taller front and rear bumpers
  • NEW: LED accent lights

The Jet Ski Ultra 160 receives the same high-class deck as the supercharged flagship Jet Ski Ultra 310 series models. Its sleek, dynamic styling headed by an aggressive intake-style design at the bow conveys its sporty prowess and ensures that these Jet Ski models stand out on the water. Parts were carefully crafted with a three-dimensional feel that compliment its dynamic styling. Individual design concepts — “Luxury Sport” (LX-S) and “Luxury” (LX) — were reinforced with unique colorways that help set the Jet Ski Ultra 160LX-S and Jet Ski Ultra 160LX apart. The Jet Ski Ultra 160LX-S features bright Candy Steel Furnace Orange coloring with highlights that seamlessly blend its luxury and sport elements into a high-grade, eye-catching design. Gold and brown wood tones adorn the Jet Ski Ultra 160LX, giving it a luxurious image like that of the supercharged flagship Jet Ski Ultra 310LX. Distinct mat designs and patterns further distinguish the two models.

The easy-access storage covers feature a gullwing design that models that of a supercar when they are open, demonstrating the high attention to detail that is found on these models. Stylish mirrors can be found with larger mirror surfaces, offering greater fields of vision and contributing to the luxurious design. The mirror covers on the Jet Ski Ultra 160LX-S (black) and Jet Ski Ultra 160LX (painted) add a high-class touch.

The front bumper offers great splash protection for rider comfort. The rear bumper is designed to make it harder for water to wash on the deck during tight, banked turns. LED lights built into the bumper contribute to the machine’s fierce expression and portray a unique image that visually sets these Jet Ski models apart from their competitors.


  • NEW: Lower handlebar grip position
  • NEW: Revised throttle lever
  • NEW: Increased leg room
  • NEW: Slimmer seat design

Ergonomics on the Jet Ski Ultra 160 series models were designed to comfortably accommodate three people and facilitate both stand-up and sit-down riding. A five-way adjustable handlebar suits a wide range of riders and riding styles and allows for either stand-up or sit-down riding as desired. The handlebar grips are positioned 10 millimeters lower to match the deck design and maintain their wide stance. The throttle requires less effort. The deck gives plenty of leg room for increased comfort. The two-piece, three-person seat offers roomy accommodation for up to three people and features a front portion that is slim at the knees, which helps facilitate stand-up riding.


  • NEW: Longer ULTRA deck
  • NEW: Multi-mount system
  • NEW: Easy-access cleats

The ULTRA deck provides a long platform at the stern, offering a broad staging platform for water play and ample room for stowing gear. It features a retractable re-boarding step that facilitates climbing on-board from in the water. The step retracts inside the bumper to help prevent damage. Multi-mount bars and multi-mount rails contribute to convenience. Two multi-mount bars are built into the front of the handle (one on each side), while a third is located below the easy-access rear pocket. Two multi-mount rails are built into the ULTRA deck to accommodate accessory slide mounts and to provide convenient tie-down points. Built-in cleats on each side of the deck provide cinch points when mooring at a dock. The design helps redirect water overboard.


The Jet Ski Ultra 160 personal watercraft is powered by a 1498cc, dual-overhead camshaft (DOHC), 16-valve, parallel four-cylinder, fuel-injected engine. The bore and stroke of the engine are 83 by 69.2 millimeters, with a compression ratio of 10.6:1. Pairing a large-diameter, 60-millimeter throttle body with an electronic fuel injection system ensures strong power throughout the rpm range. The intake valve diameter sizes measure 33.4 millimeters, while the exhaust valve diameter sizes measure 28.3 millimeters. A narrow valve angle (intake at 12 degrees, exhaust at 13 degrees) allows for an efficient combustion chamber shape. The electroplated, all-aluminum cylinders are lightweight, highly durable and provide excellent heat dissipation. Corrosion-resistant valves were chosen to improve reliability. Inwardly tapered piston pins were chosen to reduce the reciprocating weight inertia of the piston.

The front cam drive enables efficient engine intake with a narrow valve angle. Because there is a drive at the front end of the crank, the short, highly rigid crank exhibits high torsional rigidity. The forged crank is supported by five plain bearings and reduces friction loss with a small bearing journal. The silent cam chain reduces mechanical noise. A digital transistor ignition with a timing sensor is installed at the front end of the crankshaft, and it is equipped with an engine speed limiter and K-TRIC (throttle position sensor) sensor. The generator and power output are located at the rear of the crank while the camshaft and oil pump drive are located at the front.

A liquid-cooled exhaust manifold with a double wall structure is used for efficient cooling. Two water boxes contribute to reducing exhaust noise, and cooling water is pumped from a jet pump. In order to prevent foreign objects from entering the system, a filter is installed at the entrance.

The high-speed jet pump of the Jet Ski Ultra 160 achieves excellent maximum speed and acceleration. It uses an oval-edged, three-blade, cast stainless steel impeller for optimal acceleration, high thrust efficiency and low cavitation. Its sturdy, stainless-steel blades increase reliability and help prevent cavitation erosion. The jet pump driveline is equipped with a large rubber coupling to absorb impact loads from powerful engines and reduce driveline noise. The robust drive shaft transfers engine power stably and efficiently. A sealed bearing supports the drive shaft. The cast aluminum steering nozzle efficiently transmits the large engine thrust.

The Jet Ski Ultra 160 utilizes an accelerator position sensor (APS) that converts throttle lever input to an electronic signal. This signal is then used by the engine control unit (ECU) to control the throttle valve via electric motor. A throttle position sensor (TPS) on the throttle body provides feedback to the ECU.

Deep V-Hull

  • NEW: Electric trim control system
  • NEW: Class-leading fuel capacity

Loaded with technology from Kawasaki’s championship-winning machines, the race-proven hull handles with precision and control, providing the confidence needed while out on the water. The Jet Ski Ultra 160 features a deep V-hull design that enables banked turning performance. This reduces the lateral G-load placed on the rider during turns and allows him or her to better concentrate on riding. The V-angle at the bottom of the hull slants upward steeply from the center section to the bow, measuring an optimal 22.5-degrees, which helps prevent spinouts during turns and to penetrate waves with less impact felt by the rider. This design results in improved comfort and stability and delivers the handling characteristics that Kawasaki is known for. An electric trim control system allows the angle of the jet pump nozzle to be controlled electrically with seven positions (STD and +/- three positions), making it easier for riders to adjust the attitude of the hull to suit water surface conditions and riding style. When the water is rough, riders can angle the jet pump upwards to raise the bow for increased handling, and when the conditions are smooth the angle of the jet pump can be set downwards to lower the bow for turning performance.

Kawasaki Splash Deflectors (Quattro KSD) help deflect water splashing forward from underneath the hull. Three can be found via ridges across the bottom of the bow, while a fourth splash deflector mounted at the top reduces spray during high-speed turns. Whether turning or blasting at full speed straight ahead, the Quattro KSD minimizes spray and allows greater rider concentration.

A groove running from the center to the rear of the ride plate makes is easier for riders to maintain a straight line. Sponsons extend from the hull to provide stable straight-line performance while helping retain the Jet Ski Ultra 160’s narrow overall design. They also contribute to the excellent maneuverability when changing direction, particularly while at high speeds.

The Jet Ski Ultra 160 series features a built-in, silent cleaning system to purge seawater used to cool the engine. It’s mounted on the right side cover and can easily be accessed when the hatch is opened. Thanks to its ability to be done with the seat still fitted, it’s virtually noiseless. A separate connecting tube can be quickly fitted.

A large, 20.6-gallon fuel tank offers more fuel capacity than any other machine in its class. With its excellent fuel economy and large fuel tank, riders can take advantage of the Jet Ski Ultra 160 series long range between fill-ups.

Jet Ski Ultra 160LX

  • NEW: JETSOUND 4s integrated audio system
  • NEW: Three-position ERGO-FIT adjustable LXury seat
  • NEW: Meter visor

As the flagship model in the Jet Ski Ultra 160 series lineup, the Jet Ski Ultra 160LX comes equipped with several unique features. This includes a JETSOUND 4s integrated audio system that consists of four speakers, jog-dial control, and Bluetooth connectivity. Two speakers are positioned below the mirrors, while the other two are beside the TFT display. The system is powered by a 200-watt two-channel amp and speakers that are rated at 60 watts two-channel and 35 watts two-channel. The JETSOUND system is compatible with iPhones, other smartphones and other audio players that have Bluetooth capability. Audio control can be viewed on the 7-inch TFT display, and the jog-dial audio control can be used to control each of its functions.

The Jet Ski Ultra 160LX is equipped with an adjustable ERGO-FIT LXury seat. The contoured seat is designed for enhanced cruising comfort and offers ultra-comfortable accommodation for three passengers. It utilizes a pin-style mounting system that offers three positions, spanning 70 millimeters in total with each setting 35 millimeters apart. The two-piece seat is slim at the knees and provides deep hip support for all three riders. Thanks to the heat-resistant material used on the seat cover, comfort is enhanced on hot days so that the seat does not get as hot after sitting in the sun between rides. Black and brown colors on the leather and white stitching contribute to the high-quality, premium image found on the Jet Ski Ultra 160LX. A stylish meter visor provides an additional touch of class.


A wide-range of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories (KGA) offers customers many options for personalization, vehicle protection and convenience. These items include a stern bag, soft cooler, dry duffle bag, easy-access storage bag, dry bag, vacu-hold Jet Ski cover, rear rack and tie-downs. The special equipment found on the Jet Ski Ultra 160LX, which includes the JETSOUND 4s integrated audio system, ERGO-FIT LXury seat and meter visor, are also available as accessories so that riders can upgrade their Jet Ski Ultra 160s with all of the top-of-the-line model features.

Jet Ski Ultra 160LX

  • Color: Ebony/Metallic Shadow Gold
  • MSRP: $17,299
  • Availability: Spring 2023

Jet Ski Ultra 160LX-S

  • Color: Ebony/Candy Steel Furnace Orange
  • MSRP: $16,299
  • Availability: Spring 2023

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