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STA-BIL 360 Protection Ethanol Treatment and Fuel Stabilizer

STA-BIL 360° is designed to combat the corrosive properties of today’s ethanol-blended fuels and delivers comprehensive corrosion protection above and below the fuel line. When added to fuel, STA-BIL 360° releases a vapor inside the fuel system that coats all metal parts including the fuel tank, fuel sending unit, valves, carburetor, fuel injectors and intake manifold. STA-BIL 360° is safe and recommended for use at every fill-up in all gasoline engines and gasoline types from ethanol-free fuel to E85 blends. STA-BIL 360° is available in 12 ounce bottles and treats up to 60 gallons of gasoline. It retails for approximately $25.99 and is available to retailers for pre-order by contacting (800) 367-3245.
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