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Top Powersports Suspension Products for 2011

April 29, 2011

Shock Seal Head Kits

All Balls shock seal head kits are complete assemblies that are ready to install into the shock body. Each kit is equipped with 6061-T6 aluminum, which saves weight and has an air bleed hole to help remove air from the oil reservoir during head installation. The kits include an aluminum body, dust seal, bushing, oil seal, O-ring, internal guide bushing/washer, snap ring and top out bumper. Riders will also be pleased to know they will be able to seal away dirt and contaminants even over the lifetime of the head!

All Balls

Slammer Shocks

Made famous by the Burly Slammer Kits, the stubby Burly shocks are now available individually. Measuring in at only 10.5 inches eye-to-eye, they live up to their name and are available in black or chrome for most Sporties and Dynas. 
Burly Slammer Shocks may be short, but they are well thought out and are travel limited to prevent tire/fender contact. Five-position preload adjusters allow for fine tuning to rider weight for optimum feel. Fitment is available for 1988 and newer Sportsters as well as 1991 and newer Dynas at an MSRP of only $199.95.

Burly Brand

465 Series Monoshock

Suspension tuning can dramatically improve the ride quality, handling and comfort of a motorcycle, and the more tools available to work with, the better the results. With that in mind, Progressive Suspension has added a Remote Adjustable Preload to their 465 Series line of high performance monoshocks. The 46mm bore shock is also stuffed with features like deflective disc damping, threaded body and a five-position rebound adjuster. Setting it up to perfectly match a rider’s weight and riding style is now just a few clicks away. The kit includes remote mounting bracket and is available in stock height and lowered applications for Road Star, KLR650, Raider, ST1300, V-Strom, M109R, BMW and more for $745.90.

Progressive Suspension

Mono and Twin Shocks

Y.S.S.-USA, is the U.S. importer and distributor for high quality, top of the line shocks from YSS Thailand. The company is well-known for quality aftermarket and OEM Mono and Twin shocks in the Asian market, and the products are now available in the U.S. The shocks are available for virtually every application including scooter, and prices start at $189 and go up depending upon execution, style and adjustments required. They are available in a variety of lengths from 260mm to over 400mm.


Fork Leg Assembly Rebuild Kits

Drag Specialties Fork Leg Assembly Rebuild Kits come complete with everything you will need to rebuild 39mm, 41mm and 49mm fork leg assemblies for a wide range of models from ‘86-‘11. Starting at $59.95, you’re getting a high-quality kit for an affordable price.

Drag Specialties

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